Feeling Better Without Bread

While I’m no expert on nutrition, I can report that I am definitely trimmer and feeling better since I began taking greater care with my diet a few months back. One of the changes I made after my doctor told me that essentially everything about me health-wise was bad, was to increase my intake of fresh fruits and veggies at the expense of convenience foods like processed grain items (cereals, bread, etc). My wife instructed me that rice, in balance with green stuff, was a good choice and this then has become my stable grain. Though it would probably be unfair to say that it was the grainy foods alone which were previously making me feel out-of-it, I can tell you that I have I distinct suspicion that this may have been the case. I feel so much better overall now, though this general feeling of well-being tends to flee quickly whenever I revert to carbohydrate-heavy meals like a big sandwich, pancakes, french toast and the like. This has become such a sneaking suspicious that I am often choosing to go hungry for a few hours rather than chomp on some packaged Danish or a bowl of cereal. Like I said, I’m no expert on this stuff though my “gut” feeling is giving me a pretty good idea that I am better off avoiding processed grain-based foods whenever possible. Another serving of rice and natto along with a small bowl of fresh fruit and salad garnished with lemon juice sounds perfect!


1 thought on “Feeling Better Without Bread

  1. Tim Korth

    Kurt: You are on the right track with your diet. You should contact Steve Parsoneault who follows religiously the paleo diet. I think he has a web site with recipes etc. I’ll spend more time review this web site. Looks like a great place to work. Take Care, Tim Korth


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