One of the things I admire about Japanese adults is their ability to simply “grin and bear it” (sometimes literally) through times of difficulty which might have me whining and complaining like a two year old. I’m working to improve this part of my character though it’s a bit tough as we Westerners often believe it’s a better thing to vent and “get it out” (serenity now…insanity later) rather than hold it all in. The Japanese have their own ways of venting though on balance I believe they carry more internal frustration than most from the West can tolerate. In researching this topic I’ve discovered that we in the West do indeed have our own tradition of unflinching fortitude in the face of adversity. Leave it to the ancient Greeks to have formalized a school of thought now represented in the English word “stoic.” Though there are some aspects of this lifestyle which do not suit me I’m nevertheless hoping to develop more of this trait into my own character for the benefit of my family and coworkers as well as to help enhance the coming era of curmudgeonry I so dearly anticipate and hope to enjoy.

“Get off my lawn you whippersnappers!” (shaking cane) 🙂


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