Hike for Friday 01/16/15

I think I’ve found a good destination for this Friday’s hike. Keeping with the recent theme of desert volcanoes I’ve located this beautiful four mile wide lava terrace near the edge of the Eastern Mojave desert. The surface is quite flat and makes an interesting contrast to the rugged bandlands surrounding the terrace. The basalt cliffs at the front of the terrace are an imposing sight, standing two hundred feet or more above the narrow canyon which fronts the formation. I “flew” a satellite through the canyon and there are no dangerous cliffs or dry waterfalls, so the approach should be fairly easy by way the red arrow up the canyon to the green arrow and then onto the lava. The trick will be getting to the red arrow which is more than a mile into the badlands which themselves can only be reached by a long trek across open desert. Upon reaching the badlands I must choose exactly the right canyon to reach the red arrow. A wrong choice will lead me to a dead end somewhere else in the badlands. There’s no chance of getting lost here as all of the stream beds flow down and back out into the open desert. The trick will be to find the correct canyon to get to the red arrow and in turn to the green.

1-13-2015 5-49-25 AM


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