Science is not a system of belief

Science is not a system of belief and makes no claims to truth. It is simply the best process we have to know more about less. I’d be just as suspect of a scientist who said he “believed” in evolution as I am with a clergyman who claims belief in the existence of God. Both claims should be accepted in proportion to the merit of relative evidence and required to suffer the continual assault of attempts at disproof and falsification.

Belief entails truth. Theories by their very definition are nothing more than the tentatively accepted best explanation we have at the moment. A real scientist will cringe when he or she hears an explanation of the real world described as true. Theories are what we use to get by until a better theory is discovered. The theory of gravity served us well until the theory of general relativity was shown to be better. The quantum theory then improved on both of these. Theoretical physicists are now seeking a still better theory. It never ends. There is never any truth. Just an endless string of theories which are adopted and used until a better theory is found. The scientist never rests his hat on any belief. His work is never done. And his doubt is never satisfied


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