The desert is a place apart,,,

My time in Japan was attended by frequent adventure alone into some of the most beautiful and exotic landscapes in Asia. Places people simply don’t go as well as places where people simply no longer care to go. In either case there was a rich aesthetic of the exotic orient, and an atmosphere of the strange, different and truly ancient. Even in the most remote mountain depths I felt that quality everywhere about me, and I think the atmosphere was picked up by my camera which heavily augmented my videos with a character which was so much more than I could hope to convey on my own. Watching a little of this video I could see the difference… The desert is a place apart in so many ways. And the deep desert ever more so, especially when experienced alone, and more so still when penetrating into places where there’s no more promise of company than solitude itself. In such a place the voice cracks and words spill fast from the mouth with very little censorship or editing. It’s a very different venue for me and one I’m struggling to find my footing in as a content creator. This video lacks everything Japan had to offer. In it’s place is a different quality derived entirely from the environment, with the sad distraction of my broken, halting and perhaps somewhat desert-mad narrative.


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