New underwater camera housing

2015-10-09 18-39-05

Here’s a sample of the image quality with the new camera housing. I grabbed this still from the video I’m now editing called “Within the surf” which features footage from today’s adventure in the wave impact zone at my local beach. In the image I’m just emerging from an enormous and utterly opaque cloud of sand churned up by the last wave. Seconds after this image was captured I rose to the surface and was slammed straight in the face (knocked my mask off) by the next wave. The GoPro Hero 2 was running and caught the whole thing.


I love it when people apply their creativity to something I’ve shared and turn it into something else really special and interesting. My Facebook friend Valerie Bourgeois did just that with the diving snap I posted yesterday. Her new image features enhanced colors which really bring out the texture of the swirling cloud of utterly opaque sand I was swimming through. Valarie has given me permission to use her image so expect to see it again on the YouTube channel and elsewhere. Thank you, Valarie! I love what you made and have cited your name on the bottom right of the photo.


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