Post nine to five

I’ve made a new friend in the USA who has impressed me with his innovative adaption to the tough job market. Instead of relying on the traditional model of a single job with benefits, he’s instead struck out on his own to discover and collect a large number of on-line resources where he can apply his knowledge and training as a teacher to make ends meet. But instead of relying on a single big hit such as a runaway blog, podcast or YouTube channel, he’s gone after a large number of much smaller venues seeking to deliver content to specialized audiences. His material is professional grade, requiring much research and effort, and this work has earned him real world speaking engagements which further helps keep his family afloat. My friend tends his numerous on-line cash flows like a gardener the perpetual harvest of a well-planted and cared for summer garden. Add to this the positive mental stimulation of actively exercising the entrepreneurial spirit and you’ve got the makings of a pretty interesting lifestyle and career.
I wonder if more future careers might resemble my friend’s? With experience, training and expertise flowing not by directive from a career desk at some giant corporation, but instead by active application of will towards a discovered need or emerging niche in the digital economy. If so, then the skills needed to identify, develop, engage and capitalize on such opportunity may be worthwhile acquisitions in the post nine to five job market.

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