Ready to continue down The Path of Wildness

I’ve never had so much to say, and been so reluctant to speak. I’ve made friends with so many new ideas since coming to America. Notions quite alien to the wilderness of Japan. Species of thought which escaped my attention for more than five decades both here and there.

A curious thing about this new thinking is it’s anonymous pride. An indifference to discovery. As if it knew it could only be found and never shared.

But it fits. Such a snug match and compliment to the stuff that came before. Those things softypapa and LylesBrother stumbled over in so many vlogs. Ridiculous now in hindsight. So disjointed and lacking in context. No front, back or coordinating mandate.

I think I can correct that now. Share the pieces which have already come together in my head. Have been tested. And proven true.

So perhaps I’ll launch a new brand. Something I’ll call “Going Alone.” A solitary effort to finish the story started in Japan. And maybe find out at last where The Path of Wildness truly leads.


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