The great LA freeway ride

I’ve got this idea for what I think would be a kick-butt motorcycle ride. One of these warm Friday or Saturday nights I want to take off and do a late night freeway tour around Los Angeles. Leave the OC and make a grand 100 mile loop up and around the Inland Empire, across to downtown, and then back around through the South Bay and home.

It’ll be like a sail through an endless sea of light, past one metropolitan skyline after another. And if I time it right the freeways may be nearly empty save the drunks.

Imagine five or more lanes all to oneself. I’ll snuggle into the wide commuter lane and let my thoughts drift while the big engine hums and the heated handgrips make life on the bike almost as cozy as a living room sofa. Almost.

I’ve got the route planned though I can’t quite remember all the freeway names. But that’s good. As if I really knew where I was going I probably wouldn’t want to go.


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