Emily’s reluctant interest in YouTube and social media

This new video is a curiosity to me. I made this on Saturday when I took Emily and some of her friends to the beach. The video was Emily’s idea. She recommended I make it as soon as we got on the sand. This is something new to me, as Emily has been camera shy since around age eight, and I’ve trained myself to keep the iPhone in my pocket when we are together.
After we got back from the beach Emily asked me when I would upload the video. I responded soon, though I didn’t get a chance the rest of the weekend. She asked again…and then again. And finally, when I uploaded the video last night and sent her a link her only response was surprise that it was so short, and didn’t include all the good stuff we did. This is a big change from the kid who previously seemed uninterested in having her moments captured in video or photos.
Perhaps it’s the fact that some of her new American friends have their own YouTube channels (one of these is quite successful)? Maybe it’s the recent fun and interesting music videos she’s been making with her friends to post on YouTube? Or maybe it’s the dawning realization that moments come and moments go, but that a picture or video may last forever.

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