Regaining my footing as a content creator

When we lived in Japan my daughter recoiled anytime I brought out the camera to capture moments with photos or video. Much of this was a budding self-conscience concern about her appearance, what others thought, as well as the fact that my content often found its way to YouTube and social media. As a result I’d trained myself to keep the camera in my pocket and to exclude my family from my on-line sharing.

Things have changed since coming to the USA. Though Emily still likes to review my photos prior to upload, and will often have me do a retake until the composition is just right, she nevertheless seems comfortable joining me on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Facebook. And as for YouTube, she’s actually begun instructing me about videos I should be making, suggesting that ‘this experience would make a nice video’ or ‘don’t you think you should make a video now?’

The curious thing is how when I turn the camera on now she still acts a bit annoyed, though in fact the video was her idea. I guess this is an old habit from her media-phobic years in Japan.

The video linked below was Emily’s idea. And I’m glad she suggested it. Not for the storm, which was very nice, but for the moments of her smiling and holding the dog. Being happy while chased by the waves. Talking about getting in, and how cold the water really is. And a few minutes together which I’m sure we will both always remember.

Emily was right to suggest this video. Which isn’t much now. But will ripen and mature in the years to come. Becoming a treasure to us both when childhood and youth are a thing of the past.

As a content creator I suspect I’ll lose a few subscribers who expect something more of me. But in the end my channel isn’t about production, a particular message, or gaining eyeballs or augmenting my income. It’s about my life. My family’s life. My thoughts and whatever it is I choose to share. Emily was right to suggest this video, which has no gimmick other than the observation of a young girl, bright and eager with life, who could intuitively sense that a moment was happening which was worth recording.

Thank you, Emily. For teaching me something real and important. And perhaps for helping me regain my footing as an online content creator.

CLICK HERE to watch the video


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