Emily and I met a teenage boy at the beach the other day whose body was literally covered in blood from cuts and lacerations everywhere. He was sitting on the ground, surrounded by friends who told me they were waiting for a mom to come and pick them up. After I assessed that this wasn’t a life-threatening situation, the boy explained how a rouge wave had snatched him from the rocks to plunge him into a jagged crevasse for the beating of his life. All of the boys were shaken, and I imagine a few might choose to give up the sea after witnessing such an event. Those that return will do so with a more sober respect and appreciation for the power of nature and the frailty of our brief existence. After double checking there were no broken bones, and that the blood flow had largely stopped, I suggested to the injured boy that he’d been lucky, had gained a worthwhile experience and understanding, and a worthy tale of caution to share the rest of his days.


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