To my daughter: More about the edge of the universe

From papa to Emily:

I mentioned before about your access to the edge of the universe. I know it’s a strange-sounding idea. Who visits the universe’s edge after all? But it’s a real thing if you imagine the edge of the universe as nothing more than the frontier and limit of our experience and understanding. Imagine how near this was for our Hominid ancestors? Small bands of semi-intelligent apes, making their living amidst predators and danger in a world of routinely frightening mystery. They discovered so much then, especially as their brains developed, along with their capacity for language and society. The species we are now have largely tamed that world, and made it our own. We are now masters of a sort. At least that’s what we like to think. Now, if we want a sense of that past I described, we must go out of our way to encounter experiences which were once a part of our ancestor’s daily life, and perhaps frequently their death. This is what I mean by the edge of the universe. That place where we are no longer masters, and where mystery hides secrets for which discovery remains the essence of the human project.


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