To my daughter: on living well

From papa to Emily:
You are still young, and perhaps enjoying greatly the thrilling fury and turmoil of a mind just coming to grips with the tantalizing interests and distractions of adult life. However, like any loud and ruckus event, you may eventually tire of the ceaseless demands of your attention, and the exhausting fact of attendance to so many life “necessities.” When that day comes, do not seek simply to escape your cares by lessening your burden or changing your circumstances, as such changes alone rarely provide much lasting relief; instead, understand that the tumult you feel exists less with the outside world, than with your inside impressions, and your ability to mind and manage your thoughts, and their consequent decisions. To this end, I’ll provide you now some links and references where you can find worthwhile guidance on how to live; as well as my own summary of best practice in the direction of The Good Life. I hope you’ll come see me to talk on these things if I’m still alive when you read this and are old enough to find this topic interesting. Though I know how things go, as our folks are sometimes long gone by the time we’re ready to talk. That’s OK. That’s why I made this post. Papa loves you very much! 🙂


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