The Good Life – 170324 HOS v.17.0

The Good Life Meditation for March 24th, 2017

I think I’m going to change the format of this activity a little. I’m alright with the fact that I don’t have enough time in the morning usually to add any detail to the sections listing my objectives and principals, as these are linked to elsewhere (and here) in the post. However, I would like to use this time to add more details about my day’s plan, as this seems a very good use of my time. So, I’ll add the objectives and principals below, and then come back and add the section on my thought and action plan immediately below this intro bit. Let’s give this a try.

Today’s Thought and Action Plan

My thought plan for today is to do my best to maintain oversight of my thinking. To maintain focus on worthwhile subjects which help myself and others make forward progress in life, while avoiding focusing of subjects such as gossip, self-pity of unproductive self-deprecation, excess leisure or work, or other thinking activities which do little more than fill the time and keep me from making better use of my life.

My action plan for today is to keep better watch on my breathing, which is the foundation of my more deliberate living. When I’m done writing here I will make a healthy breakfast, before preparing to take my motorcycle to Lior’s Motoride for service. While the bike is being worked on I will go to Denny’s with the computer where I can do a little personal work. When these activities are done I’ll head back to Irvine and perhaps go for a swim at the beach.

In summary, my thought and action plan today are about oversight, management and directed control of my thinking and consequent action.

Click here to read more about the objectives and principals listed below


I have five objectives which I strive for through the course of the day.

  1. I want to build and maintain sound principals which I can use in life
  2. I want to be in control of my emotional reactions
  3. I want to do things which are good and in accord with my principals
  4. I want to recognize the true limits of my control and live with this in mind
  5. I want to recognize the opportunity to virtue in every circumstance


My twenty principals are the guides in my life which help me steer a more virtuous course through each day. By remembering and abiding these I am better able to manage my life and make good day-to-day decisions. I can also respond better, keeping better control of my emotions and thus engage better with the individuals with whom I work and live.

  1. War
  2. Reason (Honesty & Objectivity)
  3. Homunculus
  4. Home of Good and Evil
  5. Principals (Necessity & Virtue)
  6. Atomic
  7. Nature
  8. Maturity (Wisdom & Fortitude)
  9. Social (Diplomacy & Justice)
  10. Feast of Offal
  11. Temperance (Suffering, Simplicity, Apathy)
  12. Agency & The Great Indifference
  13. The Best Seat in the House
  14. The Path of Wildness
  15. The Risk of Avoiding Risk
  16. Sin & Damnation (Falsity, Credulity, Faith, Superstition & Dogma)
  17. Complete Oblivion (no final Reunion, Reconciliation or Justice)
  18. The Great Life Adventure
  19. The Season of Philosophy
  20. Arena & Utility

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