The Good Life – 170327 HOS v.17.0

The Good Life Meditation for March 27th, 2017

This post is a daily activity which I perform in order to recount and consider my life objectives and principals. I do this every day, usually in the early morning between breakfast and going to work. I often do this aloud, though sometimes I simply write it out.

The Problem

My purpose in doing this activity is to first of all help myself to become a better person, living life in greater alignment with my life objectives and principals. In addition, I hope that by posting this on-line I might be able to assist others who might be looking for help living a better quality life. The problem which I seek to address is the question of life purpose and the pursuit of meaningful living. I believe I have an answer to both of these questions, as well as a system of living which can help us to live a more deliberate life in the direction of virtuous ends.

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Affirmation of Human & Civil Rights

Let me begin  my stating that human beings have basic rights by virtue of societal agreement, and that these rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are inalienable and must be recognized and respected at all times. The basic goal here is to ensure that we do not make decisions which sacrifice the individual or lesser groups of society for the sake of the many.

Five Objectives

  1. The Development & Maintenance of Good, Sound Life Principals
  2. The Cultivation of Good Emotional Reactions
  3. The Performance of Good Actions
  4. An Honest Recognition of My Scope of Control
  5. Moment by Moment Assessment of Opportunity

Twenty Principals

  1. Principal of War
  2. Principal of Reason (Honesty and Objectivity)
  3. Homunculus
  4. The Home of Good & Evil
  5. Life Purpose (Biology & Virtue)
  6. Atomic Principal
  7. Principal of Nature
  8. Maturity (Wisdom & Fortitude)
  9. Social Principal (Diplomacy & Justice)
  10. The Feast of Offal
  11. Temperance (Suffering, Simplicity & Apathy)
  12. Agency & The Great Indifference
  13. The Best Seat in the House
  14. The Path of Wildness
  15. The Risk of Avoiding Risk
  16. Sin & Damnation (Falsity, Credulity, Faith, Superstition & Dogma)
  17. Complete Oblivion (No final Reunion, Reconciliation or Justice)
  18. The Great Life Adventure
  19. The  Season of Philosophy
  20. Arena & Utility

Diary, Thought & Action Plan

It’s a Monday, which means another hard day of work. I try to tell my daughter to prepare her young life and plan her future in order to find work which she’ll enjoy, and look forward to, though I don’t think she’s listening very much. But that’s alright, as this seems to be the way so many of us discover our opportunities to improve, by reconciling our living to the mistakes of our youth. Funny that I think that just now…as I was considering this same subject last night as I considered my own life course. Though I had some faintly understood dreams when I was young, these by no means were distinct enough for me to have made true in the way I barely discerned them at the time. And it’s a funny thing to note that they have in fact come true in the actual course of life I wound up living, though I am only now coming to realize this fact.

Today I will maintain close scrutiny over my thoughts and emotions. I will mind them in the same way I watched over my daughter when she was little and playing at the park. Always attentive with one eye on the kid. So too now my emotions, and the thoughts which rise up from my mind  like colored carp within a deep pool. Like the carp, I wan my thoughts to simply touch the surface gently from time to time, never splashing or making a fuss with too much outward disturbance of the peace. Likewise my emotions, rising from whatever mysterious depths they call home, I will spot them in their approach, examine them in detail to know their cause and character, before willing them back to the depths with hardly a ripple of disturbance to my equanimity. I will have become informed and knowledgeable of the encounter, and strengthened through my discipline and self control.

The timid man I was on the beach yesterday. Is he the man I am become. Is this old age? Or is it simply the result of my recent retreat from outside, the consequence of warm, domestic retreat. How easy it would be to shrivel and die of such living.

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