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The Good Life – 170329 HOS v.17.0

The Good Life Meditation for March 29th, 2017

This is our last day at 326 Santa Louisa in Irvine. We’re moving to a new home near the Spectrum shopping center here in Irvine. This will be an interesting new home for us, as the new place is more urban than anywhere we’ve lived before. My entire family is quite excited about this move.

The remainder of this post is my Good Life meditation for this day.

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Affirmation of Human & Civil Rights

Individuals have certain rights, namely the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, which I must recognize, respect and abide.

Five Objectives

  1. The Development & Maintenance of Good, Sound Principals
  2. The Cultivation of Good Emotional Reactions
  3. The Performance of Good Actions (per the above referenced principals)
  4. A Recognition of My Scope of Control
  5. A Recognition of My Real Opportunities

Twenty Principals

  1. Principal of War
    I rise each morning ready to go to war with everything I believe is true.
  2. Principal of Reason (Honesty & Objectivity)
    Reason is my tool for uncovering truth.
  3. Homunculus
    The little man who lives in my head and steers my life and makes decisions based on the guidance of my conscience.
  4. The Home of Good & Evil
    Good and evil are opinions which rest with the Homunculus and which do not exist outside my head.
  5. Purpose (Biology & Virtue)
    We are each responsible to develop and maintain our own purpose. We have a default purpose within us which is our desire and need to reproduce. Other than this it is up to us to decide our own purpose. My purpose beyond reproduction is to live a virtuous life.
  6. Atomic Principal
    Everything in the universe is made up of small pieces which are used and reused over and over in the formation of everything. We too are made of these piece and we will soon enough dissolve away to disperse and be reused.
  7. Principal of Nature
    Everything in the universe has some nature, including us. It’s useful to identify the nature of things, including our own nature, such that we can strive to live in better accord with the world and ourselves.
  8. Principal of Maturity (Wisdom & Fortitude)
    Maturity is that state of having wisdom and the fortitude to abide and follow our better thinking.
  9. Social Principal (Diplomacy & Justice)
    We are social animals, needing one another to survive and live well. We can further our social ends by way of good interpersonal communications (Diplomacy) and through the recognition and pursuit of Justice.
  10. Feast of Offal
    During the course of our living we give off some waste and excess from our poor choices and inability to manage our thoughts and actions. This waste appears as anger, frustration, wrath, aggression, etc, and is readily consumed by others. Consuming this waste is the Feast of Offal. I strive to avoid ingesting this waste produced by myself and others and to reduce my own production of Offal.
  11. Temperance (Suffering, Simplicity & Apathy)
    Temperance is the controlled consumption of anything, including thoughts, activities and emotions. Suffering is the experience of exercising this restraint, while Simplicity is a way of making Temperance part of our life, and Apathy our attitude towards things which are outside our control
  12. Agency & The Great Indifference
    All living things are agents, while their absence is The Great Indifference
  13. The Best Seat in the House
    Right here, right now. To not want to be anyone else, to be anywhere else, or to be doing anything else.
  14. The Path of Wildness
    A way out of being stuck. To perceive the need to make a choice; to then assess our situation and deliberate our best action; and at last to decide with our best informed position, possibly guided by our gut feeling, ready to make a mistake, though knowing there is some virtue in informed action.
  15. The Risk of Avoiding Risk
    That risk which appears when we try to avoid the more immediate and apparent risk.
  16. Sin & Damnation (Falsity, Credulity, Faith, Superstition & Dogma)
    Engaging in any of these sins causes immediate damnation in the here-and-now.
  17. Complete Oblivion (no final Reunion, Reconciliation or Justice)
    Pursue these things now, as there is no good reason to think we can take care of them after life is done.
  18. The Great Life Adventure
    Make that adventure early in life, as the foundation and great story of your living. So much is made of so little, so soon.
  19. The Season of Philosophy
    When it comes, record the words before they are lost forever.
  20. Arena & Utility
    What opportunity now? What utility this moment? What chance this to exercise my principals and pursue by objectives?

Today’s Thought & Action Plans

I will endeavor today to maintain deliberate control over my thoughts and emotions. To move forward in a virtuous manner. To recognize the true scope and limit of my control. And to exercise virtue in every opportune moment.

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How I became reborn

How blind I was to the desert muse before Japan. Though I could never find her voice while I was away in that exotic land, surer still her absence had I never gone. If I’d remained in Japan my sight would have continued its myopic plunge into the familiar, the green and wet mountains and valleys there rising and widening in scale and contrived importance, ossifying at last into a world view of comprehensible dimension and satisfying importance. I would have at last died in my course there, satisfied of my living career, placated by my narrow world view, an invalid, comforted by my own deep ignorance. Since returning to America though, I face the familiar with alien eyes and foreign design. There is no more latent comfort in what was once all I knew. My weary eyes strain to discover the familiar. Old brain circuits crackle to life, mending failed, flawed or erred mental connections with material of another land and culture, values and meaning of a second and quite completed life. Tired limbs now become limber of the necessity of building this new life again, and old muscle memory is replaced with fresh reflex, guided of matured control and sensibility. It is with this reborn self that I have encountered and connected with my desert muse, found her fleeting across the wastes, utterly lost and invisible to the man I was, and was again; visible only now, as such a one as I could surely never meet or know over the course of just a single lifetime. 

Return to the sea

I’m so ready to get pummeled again by the sea. So eager to be lifted by waves, churned in their wet maw, and slammed hard against the shore. I can’t wait to move silently through underwater cracks, caverns and caves while the ocean crashes above, sending jets of bubbles below like seeking tentacles. To hold onto sturdy stalks of seaweed while my body is tossed like a rag doll by surging masses of water while big fish hang steady and eye me as a madman. And to bleed into the sea after being thrown against rocks, to watch small red streams lift from my body from flaps of pale skin, to think of sharks, and to say to hell with it and head out to deeper water. It’s a good life this living with and within the sea. Getting younger with joy and satisfaction each day I step foot into the wet.

My way to die

If I knew I only had a short time to live, and if my family was OK with the idea, then I would buy in a small boat and then set sail for Bouvet Island. A one-way trip into oblivion. That’s the idea actually. Though I suspect the actual doing of this act would be far less gratifying than I might hope. As I think that when it comes time to die I’d rather be surrounded by people I love than an ocean of indifference.

Emily sending tweets on my behalf

With my permission Emily took my phone in order to tweet on my behalf. I guess she has ideas about what I should be sharing. So this is fair warning that what I post from this day forward may not always be from me. I expect this change will be an improvement in every sense; a joint venture identity across generations and between individuals fast discovering a common bond in a new life and connected frame of mind.